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Not your average medical trip

We are looking for hard-working individuals who believe change is possible- not just for a week, but for a lifetime. PMI’s short-term medical teams are a vital component of our long-term approach to improving the quality of healthcare in developing communities. Four times a year, PMI sends teams of medical and non-medical volunteers to serve the communities surrounding our project sites in Central America and East Africa. During the development phases of our medical centers, these teams provide consistent care to the region, build a foundation of quality care, and advocate for the clinic that is to come. Once our medical centers are in operation, these teams support the centers through continuing to provide quality care, training, and patient referrals. PMI’s short-term trips pave the way for the success of our long-term projects, while leaving no volunteer the same upon their return home. 


February 20-28, 2016 | application deadline November 20, 2015

May 7-15, 2016 | application deadline February 5, 2016

August 6-14, 2016 | application deadline May 6, 2016

December 10-18, 2016 | application deadline September 9, 2016

The team will spend their first night at Hotel Hex in Managua before traveling to Chinandega and spending the week at Los Volcanes Hotel. The team will stay at Barcelo Resort at Montelimar Beach for their free day.

The total cost for the trip will be approximately $2,400. This will cover airfare, lodging, transportation, meals and all related expenses. In addition, volunteers will be responsible for the cost of vaccinations and the $10 visa fee into Nicaragua. We recommend that you bring $50 for any additional expenses that may be incurred during travel and/or souvenir shopping.

Volunteers will finish the week at Barcelo at Montelimar Beach for a day of fun in the sun on the Nicaraguan coast line.


March 11-21, 2016 | application deadline December 4, 2015

May 6-16, 2016 | application deadline February 5, 2016

August 5-15, 2016 | application deadline May 6, 2016

December 9-19, 2016 | application deadline September 9, 2016

The team will be staying at the Masindi Hotel located just minutes from Masindi-Kitara Medical Center. The team will spend one night at Paraa Safari Lodge on the Nile River for their free day.

The total cost for the trip will be approximately $3,700. This will cover airfare, lodging, transportation, meals and all related expenses. In addition, you will be responsible for obtaining your own vaccinations and paying the $50 visa fee into the country. We also recommend that you bring $100 for any additional expenses that may be incurred during travel and/or souvenir shopping.

The team will stay one night at Paara Lodge on the Nile River and have the chance to go on a sunset animal safari through Murchison Falls National Park.

What to Expect on a PMI Trip

PMI is changing the nature of short-term medical missions. Our weeklong experiences provide a unique cultural, educational, and impactful experience for our volunteers. Through implementing the same short-term experience across all projects sites, we are able to see long-term effects that serve the ultimate good to our sustainable goals.

Here is a sneak peak into what you can expect…

On Sunday, you will have the privilege of touring our permanent medical center (or future medical center site) and meeting some of our amazing, local staff. Monday through Friday will be spent conducting medical outreach clinics in villages surrounding our permanent medical center. Volunteers are incredibly valuable in the implementation of these medical outreaches through different roles such as the registration team, provider team, or pharmacy team. These clinics serve to promote our permanent center, serve the communities we have committed to, refer patients, and continue setting a precedent for quality healthcare throughout the region. We will wrap up the week with a free day activity on Saturday to celebrate the accomplishments of the week and begin the transition process back home.

Each day on a PMI trip will begin with reading a passage of Scripture. PMI is inspired by Jesus Christ to serve people in desperate situations, and we believe starting the day with a reflection on his example gives purpose and clarity to our efforts. We have strong in-country partnerships with local Christian ministries who will accompany our teams to medical outreach and provide prayer and counseling to our patients. Each evening, we round out dinner by celebrating the accomplishments of the day, encouraging one another, and sharing our life stories with the team.

What We Expect from a PMI Volunteer

As a volunteer, you are a representative of PMI in the regions we serve. The legacy you leave will be what we continue to build upon for years after your departure. With this responsibility, PMI holds high expectations for our representatives in the field.

We expect our volunteers to:

Participate in pre-trip training (in person or online)

Provide timely responses during weekly pre-trip correspondence

Come with an eagerness to learn

Adhere to all PMI guidelines for appropriate conduct

Value patient interactions

Act from the overflow of a servant’s heart

Approach each interaction with an open mind

Respect your fellow teammates

Participate in Scripture reading each morning and team time each evening

Be ready for plans to change

Enjoy a little (well, a lot of) dirt under your fingernails

Volunteer Requirements

This is not a trip for the faint of heart. To join a PMI team you must: 

  • Be 18 or older
  • Be able to lift 50 pounds
  • Be able to sit on hard surfaces or stand for long periods of time
  • Be able to walk a mile

What's the word?

  • This trip will help you step into the journey of the human call to serve.

    Roxanne Johnson / Nursing Student /

  • It will change your life. There is nothing like serving a third world country to give your life perspective!

    Danielle Knox / RN ICU /

  • The incredible experiences I had, the great friends I made, and the beautiful people we served will be impossible for me to forget. I cannot recommend a trip with PMI highly enough.

    Will Phillips / Student /

  • These trips will rock your world, but in a good way.

    Katrina Bue / Director of Discipleship and Outreach at The Gathering Place /

  • I would tell everyone to experience going on a PMI trip.

    Jennifer Lowe / Nursing Student /

  • This is a trip that everyone should have the chance to take and an experience that will never leave you.

    Melissa Wilkins / RN /

  • Anyone and everyone should go because it is truly an experience of a lifetime. I will never forget all the beautiful people we served, and I can't wait to come back.

    Lindsey Maxwell / NICU RN BSN /

  • PMI is changing the nature of medical missions.

    Sam Webb / Fourth Year Medical Student /

May Trip Application Deadline


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